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#1 - Setup & Goals

Building A Website That Converts

Your website is your online sales person that works 24/7, 365 days a week. But, that only works if there is an action for the customer to take. Whether it is an online form to request a quote, an eCommerce channel to buy product/service, or anything in between that is what will help convert leads online. At First Search Marketing LLC. we specialize in helping integrate these technologies to drive online conversions. Bring us on as your web development agency and we will turn your website into a lead generation machine today!

#2 - Site Navigation

Providing a Frictionless customer Journey

Once a customer comes to your website, it is extremely important that they have an easy path to purchase. If they don’t then they may easily get lost, get frustrated, and leave your site. At First Search Marketing LLC. we are experts at building websites that convert. First, we start by understanding your business goals and business products/services. From there, we put ourselves in the customers shoes and build a journey that provides an easy path to convert. Lastly, we constantly tweak pages and pathways to make sure then when we go live it is a great experience for the customer. Take control of your site navigation today!

Website Services - New Hampshire
Website Development Agency - New Hampshire
#3 - Omni-Channel

Making Your Website The Center Of Your Marketing Strategy

Your website is the center of your online lead generation efforts. With that said, if it isn’t connected to all other parts of your marketing and digital strategy then you are missing out on valuable leads. At First Search Marketing we help integrate all marketing tools and provide a path to digital transformation. We start by connecting to your digital analytics account. Then we connect to your social media accounts. Lastly, we connect every link in emails, print materials, etc. to form an omni-channel strategy built for success.

#4 - Analytics

Understand how Your Customer Are Interacting With Your Website

Do you find yourself wondering how your website is even helping your business? You came to the right place. At First Search Marketing LLC. we take pride in building a digital analytics foundation using Google Analytics, that helps provide insight to what is happening on your site. We build custom dashboards using Looker Studio, for each one of our clients to show who is coming to the site, where they are coming from, and what they did on the site. Start analyzing today!

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Your website is the center of your digital marketing efforts. Every campaign, email, ad brings future leads to your websites. Without a well crafted site customers will not stay on your site and convert. Start converting customers through your website today!