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Digital Advertising Agency - New Hampshire
#1 - Setup

Choosing & Setting Up The Right Digital Ad Platforms 

Looking to start advertising on platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn but not sure where to start? You came to the right digital advertising agency. We are experts at setting businesses up for advertising success. First, we will understand what you are trying to achieve through advertising. Next, we will recommend which platforms will best fit your business goals. Lastly, we will set you up successfully and even begin building your first campaign with you! 

#2 - Search Ads

Show Up When Customers Search For Your Product or Service

Not showing up on Google when searching for your product or services. If so, you are missing out on valuable leads. Advertising on search networks like Google and Bing are a great way to generate “hot” leads that are close to making a purchase decision. First Search Marketing LLC. will first, dig into keyword research to give you and idea of what your customers are searching for. Second, we will build specific campaigns that target those types of keywords your customers are searching for using Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. Lastly, we will help direct them to the product/service page the best fits their need to bring them closer to conversion. Beat you competitors and start your first search campaign today!

Search Advertising Agency - New Hampshire
Social Media Advertising - New Hampshire
#3 - Social Ads

Build Brand Awareness Through Social Media

Trying to figure out ways to grow your brand awareness? Social media ads are a great start. Social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube offer a wide variety of targeting options. At First Search Marketing LLC. we use these targeting options to put our clients brands in front of their ideal target audience. First, we will get a good idea of who your target audience is. Then, we will build out ads targeting your specific audience using Meta Ads and LinkedIn Ads. Lastly, we will continue to optimize your campaigns to continue to reach more people interested in your product and service.

#4 - Retargeting

Re-engage with Users Who Visited Your Website

Have you ever researched something online and then seen it pop up again across the web and on social channels. That is retargeting. At First Search Marketing LLC. we build a variety of retargeting strategies that help keep your brand top of mind. We use audiences built from digital analytics and social media and combine it to create a well-oiled retargeting machine. Start re-engaging with your web today!

Retargeting Advertising - New Hampshire
Digital Advertising Analytics - New Hampshire
#5 - Reporting

Measure How Your Digital Ads Are Helping your Business

Are you currently running digital ads but not sure how they are doing? If so, you have come to the right place. We are advertising experts that focus on ROI. At First Search Marketing LLC. we start by setting up  a digital analytics strategy so you know exactly how every dollar of advertising is impacting your business. We then build easy to use dashboards using Looker Studio so you never have to wonder how your ads are doing again! And finally, we continue to work with you to improve on your strategy so you continue to drive positive results!

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Digital Advertising is a quick way to expand your reach and generate more online. Don’t let your competitors steal your future clients. Start advertising today!