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Digital Analytics Agency - New Hampshire
#1 - Setup & Goals

Track Goals and key Events On your website

Your analytics foundation is dependent on setup and making sure your goals are being tracked correctly. At First Search Marketing LLC. we are gurus at using Google Analytics to measure marketing efforts and ROI. First, we start by focusing on the goal of your business. Second, we setup Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for you so you can begin tracking. Lastly, we setup the important actions on your site such as form fills, meetings scheduled, call tracking, etc. Bring us on as your digital analytics agency and lets start making data driven decisions together!

#2 - Channels

Measure traffic and Results from Every channel

One of the most valuable insights that your website analytics gives you is what marketing channels are driving traffic to your site. At First Search Marketing we set up channel grouping so all of your marketing channels are reporting correctly. Whether you want to track social channels, email, search, advertising, print, or any other we have you covered! First we begin by understanding the traffic currently being driven to your site. Second, we do a deep dive into that data and fix any misrepresented traffic. Lastly, we add any custom channels that you want to begin tracking to show whether that channels efforts are helping or not.

Digital Analytics Services - New Hampshire
Digital Marketing Analytics - New Hampshire
#3 - Audiences

Create and Build Segmented Audiences

Once you start receiving a decent amount of traffic to your website it is extremely important to understand your audiences. First Search Marketing LLC. helps you understand what type of people are coming to you website and what types of services they are interested in. First, we work with you to map out your ideal audiences and what services they are interested in. Secondly, we create those audiences in Google Analytics. Lastly, we used these audiences for digital advertising strategies to build brand awareness, reach new customers, and re-engage with existing customers.

#4 - Reporting

Build Dashboards That track kPIs & ROI

Once tracking is setup correctly you now have the keys to your marketing success in your hands. However, all of this data means nothing unless you can understand it. At First Search Marketing LLC. we build dashboards using Looker Studio, that help reveal key insights to whether you are hitting your business goals or not. First, we build dashboards that help answer the business questions you have about your marketing. Next, we walk through these dashboards and highlight key insights with you. Lastly, we use the data in these dashboards to drive decisions of the future to grow your business.

Digital Analytics Reporting - New Hampshire
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Understanding how your marketing dollars are driving positive results is key to growing your business. Setup your analytics foundation and begin making data driven decisions today!