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#1 - Technical SEO

Make Sure Website Is Healthy and Setup for SEO Success

If your website is not technically sound then your hard work in building your website may actually be hurting you in terms of appearing on search engines like Google. At First Search Marketing LLC. we audit all of our clients websites to ensure that it is in good health and ready to rise to the top of the search engines. We also install Google Search Console to continue to monitor your SEO overtime to make sure you are always optimized for success. Bring us on as your SEO agency and we will start auditing your website today!

#2 - On-Page Optimization

Optimize Your Most Important Pages To Help Them Show Up on Page one of Google

Truth is that SEO is not rocket science. There is an actual set of pretty simple steps you can take to get any page to rank on Google. At First Search Marketing LLC. we are experts at completing those steps. We have a proven process that over time turns our clients website into an organic search lead generation machine. Start winning on search today!

SEO Services - New Hampshire
Local SEO Agency - New Hampshire
#3 - Social/Local SEO

Make Sure Your Showing Up In The Cities You Serve

Are you seeing your local competitors appear higher than you on Google and getting frustrated? At First Search Marketing LLC. we make it our mission to make our clients appear ahead of our competitors in local and social search. We use a combination of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), search advertising, and google my business to help our clients achieve search success. Start appearing in the cities closest to you today!

#4 - Reporting

Measure Where You Rank on Google

Do you ever wonder where you rank on Google. At First Search Marketing LLC. we take pride in measuring where are clients rank on Google. First, we start out by measuring where you rank the first day you become a client. Then, we go through a series of optimizations mentioned above and watch your rank improve. Lastly, we continuously track to make sure you are always ahead of your competitors. Start measuring where you rank on Google Today!

SEO Reporting - New Hampshire
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ISEO & SEM is one of the most important digital channels in terms of generating leads.  If you are not appearing on page one of google you are missing out on quality leads and giving your competitor an edge. Take control of your search marketing strategy today!