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Email Marketing Agency - New Hampshire
#1 - Email Lists and Automation

Building & Importing your Email List

The first step to a successful email marketing strategy is building an email list. Whether they are current customers, old customers, past lead that they didn’t end up becoming customers all you need to do is start somewhere. At First Search Marketing LLC. we take pride in building great email lists. First, we will help you gather your contacts and build your email list. Second, we will help setup a CRM and email automation tool (Pardot, Active Campaign, MailChimp, Constant Contact) and import your list for you. Lastly, we will prepare your email list to be effective in specific email campaigns. Start taking control of your email marketing strategy today and bring us on as your email marketing agency!

#2 - Email Content

Build Emails That Are Bound to Generate Leads

One of the most important parts to a good email marketing strategy is building email templates that convert. We are all bombarded with hundreds of emails a day so it is extremely important to stand out. At First Search Marketing, we build email templates proven to drive conversions. Take control of the content inside your emails today and choose us as your email marketing company!

Email Marketing Services - New Hampshire
Email Marketing Services - New Hampshire
#3 - Email Segmentation

Send the right content to the right people with email segmentation

Once your email list is accessible and organized and you have proven email templates, the next step is to run segmented campaigns. It is proven that when you take the time to send emails to segmented audiences you know are interested in your product that you conversion rate improves. Take control of you email segmentation strategy today!

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Email marketing is an important and inexpensive way to keep your brand top of mind. Start driving more leads through email marketing today!